I'm Damon, the CEO of Rent My Mercedes and I want to personally thank you for visiting our site!  Whether you are just browsing around or planning your next trip, we appreciate your interest.

Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any issues! 


Rent My Mercedes operates through the well-known Turo App. While your communication is mainly between us and yourself, Turo is the main source. With that being said when you book, you don't have to pay any deposits, there's no major credit cards required and as your host, we determine your mileage. We believe in going the extra mile when riding luxury, so we give you unlimited miles! 

Some of our customers have driven across the coast in our vehicles, moved their college kids in, or just took a nice family vacation. Wherever you want to go, just GO! We just believe in the golden rule: Bring it back the way you found it. 

The booking process is easy and our goal is to make your trip seamless as possible. We're not big on charging customer extra fees for cleaning, gas or being a little late because we know life happens. If there's anything we can do to make your trip better, please let us know.